How To Start Planning Any Wedding

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When I first talk to couples, I find out where they are in the planning process.

I start my meetings by providing them couples each with a blank piece of paper to brainstorm.

“Imagine a time when you were at a wedding, event, concert, or whatever…

What was it?

What made it so great?

Was it the music? The people there with you? The setting?”

I want couples to go back there in their minds. I want them to get a feeling of what it is that they want!

Next, we start the process over with two new sheets of blank paper.

“This time we will brainstorm your ideas. What do you want out of this event?

How do you want to add a personal touch?

What’s important for you about this event?

What are you expecting out of your day?”

Once we’ve got our two sheets of paper, we can begin to visualize their day. We develop a mental (or actual) picture of what the day will look like.

We can go through and circle the overlapping ideas on all four sheets of paper. This is the start of the vision and conversation about what needs to happen next.

This is by no means a way of making all of the decisions right away. Couples may not even know what’s out there and available. They may come across things that they hadn’t even thought of yet.

This is where the journey begins

My services may not fit into everyone’s idea of their ideal wedding day. Before someone books with PSM Weddings & Events, I want them to know that we are what they need.

If not, I’m happy to be part of what led them to finding what they do need.

If you’re in the starting phases of planning your day, I hope this process will help you figure out your own vision.

I also recommend taking a look at any number of planning checklists available online. I provide my clients with a copy of a checklist by Real Simple. Available Here

Pete St. Martin
PSM Weddings & Events