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Ask The DJ: Which Song Do You Hate?

Pete The DJ,

Which song do you hate the most?


Thank you for the question, Derek!

This is actually one of the most common questions I am asked.

I try to avoid looking at the job in this way.

A job is a job, and when I show up to work I have a set of tools I use to get the job done.  If that includes playing and dancing La Macarena for the 12th time this month, so be it!

What does your job pay you to do?

Of course I love music, which is why I chose this profession.  However, I don’t get in my car and blast YMCA on my way to work.


These are the tools of the job.  If playing a song gets everyone involved and people dancing on the dance floor, I’m doing my job!  Regardless of the song!

Another variation of this question may be:

Don’t you get sick of playing the same songs over and over again?

I have a rule that starts in the car when I’m on my way to a gig.  I take my music tastes and snobbery, and leave them at home.  My job is to play requests and get people to dance participate.  My job is not to force my musical opinions on others.

Here’s The Rule:

Whichever Song Is Playing, That Is My Favorite Song

I treat it as such in that moment.

I have to make the party.

I can’t have a judgmental chip on my shoulder and expect the crowd to follow.

I have to have fun with it!

A carpenter swings a hammer.

I cue up “Watch Me Whip.”

However, I’m not writing this at a gig.

So to answer your question, The Grease MegaMix…

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